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To make good beer, you need to start with good ingredients.  We got those.

Yeast?  Check.  We carry Imperial Organic Yeast strains, a few White Labs strains, and a wide assortment of dry yeasts for both beer and wine.  And mead!
Hops?  Check.  We carry over forty varieties of pellet hops.  
Specialty Grains?   Check.  We stock pounds and pounds of different specialty grains: caramel 10L all the way to caramel 120L, black malt, debittered black, chocolate malt, wheat malt, Maris Otter.  If we don't have it, we can get it!
Liquid malt extract?  DRY malt extract?  We got both!
Base malt?  Whatchoo think, foo?  CHECK.

Though we don’t always brew to style guidelines, we understand that there are quite a large number of beer styles out there.  To that end, we stock a wide variety of the basic ingredients so that you can paint you beer masterpiece with a fully stocked palette of wondrous tastes and smells.  Your Michelangelo's Naked Man Stout is but a few ingredients away, and we got them.  DaVinci more your style?  Well, we got the stuff to make your Moanin Lisa pale ale too.  Whatever you decide to name your quaffable work of art, we’re here to help you make it a reality.

No we don’t really have those beers as ingredient kits.  But we do have other ingredient kits. Stop by and see what we have!  Or if you prefer, sign up for our newsletter and get monthly notifications of our featured kits!

Oh, and we also have the boring essentials like bungs, air locks, spoons, mash paddles, carboys, buckets, sanitizers, cleaners, brushes, and dry senses of humor.

We're a member shop in the American Homebrewer's Association!

Not a member? Check them out. They are an excellent resource for homebrewers.
They do cool things like lobby for homebrew friendly laws and such.
Plus, they totally support local homebrew shops!

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