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We’ve heard your plea a thousand times: “Brew Bros, oh sweet Brew Bros! When are you gonna host a homebrew competition where people are only gonna bring you beers that you like?” Well, the answer is: now…ish. So start brewing your beers!

What are you brewing? Well, we want hoppy beers.

That’s right. Hoppy beers.

What does THAT mean? Let’s back up a bit. Have you ever entered a beer in a competition that you thought was a great beer, but it got knocked for not meeting a certain style guideline? Here’s your chance to get the recognition you deserve! In this competition, we don’t really care about style. We want a hoppy beer. Maybe you have a perfectly crafted IPA, or maybe you have a bastardized version of multiple styles. We don’t care. We want to try it.

Okay, so we care a LITTLE bit. When you fill out the registration form, you’ll be prompted to select a style. Pick something close to whatever it is you brewed. This helps the stewards place the beers in flights. You know, so we don’t drink a palate crushing 14% ABV hop monster right before we judge a 4% session something-or-other.

In this competition, you won’t necessarily be brewing to style; instead, you’ll be brewing to the totally biased palates of our judges! Below, you’ll meet our judges, and you’ll learn what they like in a hoppy beer, and what hoppy means to them.


butt first, the rules

This competition is open to homebrewers in Kansas. We are judging beer; no other beverages will be eligible. Beers must be brewed at home. Group entries are allowed. Beers brewed or packaged in a commercial setting of any kind—including BOP establishments—are not eligible.

There will be a fee of $7.00 per entry.

An entry consists of two long neck 12 oz bottles from the same batch, containing 10 to 14 ounces each, with the printed Entry ID form from affixed separately to each with a rubber band. The bottles must be smooth sided, plain, brown, unmarked, and free of labels or any other identifying features. Caps must be a solid color with no decorations or identifying marks. Swing top style bottles will not be accepted, nor will bottles with distinctively colored caps.

One entrant may submit up to two entries.

Entries are not considered complete until the entry fees and required paperwork have been accepted. Entry fees are non-refundable. The bottles, their contents, and all associated paperwork become the property of Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets once submitted and will not be returned.

There will be a first, second, and third place winner selected from the entries by point value. Each judge will also pick a personal favorite from the entries to award a special prize.

Winning entrants must claim their prizes in person, during business hours, at Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets, 1110 Laramie St., Manhattan, KS, 66502. Prizes will not be mailed to the winners.

When registering a beer, select the style that the entry most closely resembles. This is so that the stewards know in which flight to place the entry. If there is any ingredient other than barley, hops, water, or yeast, or if the beer has been soured or inoculated with other cultures, those ingredients must be indicated during registration. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Our judges don’t like surprises.


Registration opens February 14th, 2019, and closes March 4th, 2019. Entries will be accepted from February 23rd, 2019, to March 4th, 2019. HOWEVER, we will be closed on Saturday, March 2nd. This is Fake Patty’s Day in Aggieville. No one wants to deal with that.

Entries must be delivered to Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets, 1110 Laramie St, Manhattan, KS, 66502. Entries must be delivered during business hours. Mail-in entries are accepted; bear in mind, however, that Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This means that an entry scheduled to arrive during a day we are closed may sit on a truck or in a warehouse for a day or two longer. Plan appropriately; we are not responsible for the handling of entries not in our possession.

Entries will be judged on March 12th, 2019. The winners will be announced on March 16th, 2019.



First place: Recipient will get to brew their beer at 15-24 Brewhouse in Clay Center, and will receive both a custom commemorative t-shirt and a handmade beer stein from a local pottery-ist!

Second place: Recipient will receive a custom commemorative t-shirt and a sweet trophy lamp, customized by the amazing Kenna Jasperson!

Third place: Recipient will receive one (1) Troy ounce of Cascade hops, and the admiration/envy of everyone who didn’t make it to the first three places.

Other Prizes: Each judge will pick a personal favorite beer and award the brewer with a hand drawn (or colored, in Brandon Gunn’s case) award picture thing. The recipient will be able to show everybody, and then no one will be able to deny the awesomeness of the chosen brew.


now, meet our judges!

Clint McAllister

Co-owns/Operates Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets, listens to metal, has a beard

It was 1852. Hubert Hopface wanted to change the world. Up to this point, people were all like, ”Ew. Yucky. Too many hops.”. But Hubert was all like,”Mmmmm... hops are great. They have all these wonderful flavors and aromas that all these hop weaklings think are too intense. Well F this bag of bananas. I gotta change this.” So Hubert Hopface set about to make the world better through IPA. And though he didn't succeed at first, he didn't give up. And pretty soon people got used to the idea that beer couldn't be too hoppy as everybody's palates were so wrecked from all the hops that Mr. Hopface used. Remember World War I? Well it should have been World War II, but because of Hubert Hopface's egregious use of hops nobody wanted to fight the first world war in the 1800's. They had to wait until later after Hubert Hopface succumbed to hop hysteria in the early 1900's. After Hubert's passing the world soon forgot his teachings. But today they have been revived in such beers as all the hoppy ones. Strongly bitter with above average alcohol and balanced with more hops featuring aromas and flavors of citrus, pine and sometimes floral notes. That's what Hubert taught and that's what I believe.


Aaron Thornton

Co-owns/Operates Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets, eats old Chapstick, is better than Brandon Gunn at Mario Kart

I want a balanced beer. I like a good bitter bite, but it needs to be supported with…something. I dunno. Malt complexity and such. That something is not fruit; there are very few fruit beers that I actually like. Keep that junk outta my beer. When I think hoppy, I think blast-you-in-the-face aromatics and a clean, smooth bitterness. High alcohol hoppy beers are pretty cool; higher alcohol means you need more hops to balance it out, and that’s pretty cool. I also like session beers, cuz I like to get down, but not necessarily fall down after two beers. I like citrus and pine hops; earthy is good too. Floral hops can go right in the trash. My favorite hoppy beers right now are: Lagunitas Something Easy, Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, Founder’s All Day IPA, Founder’s Centennial IPA, Stone Russian Imperial Stout, and Odell IPA.


Brandon Gunn

Does something for Kansas Territory Brewing Company, hunts stuff, isn’t very good at Mario Kart

In a hoppy beer, the first and most important thing I look for is balance. All varieties of hops are good, but in my ideal hoppy beer I like a big kick of citrusy/tropical aroma without it being overwhelming on the palate.


Matt McRoberts

Works for Little Apple Toyota Honda, then rides bikes and brews beer—usually at the same time

Hello fellow homebrewers. My name is Matt McRoberts and I enjoy hoppy beers. The whole point of this homebrew competition is to enter hoppy beers that flat out just taste good. Who cares if it fits a style guideline perfectly when it really doesn't taste all that good? Where's the fun in that? Since this competition is totally biased, I guess it's only fair that everyone knows what I like in a hoppy beer. The beers that turn me on the most are the simple beers that are just extremely well done. It doesn't have to be extreme in any way at all. Super high ABV and super high IBU's just don't do it for me anymore. What I want is a good clean beer that you can taste the love in. I want a soft/silky mouthfeel without being too dry or sweet. Something that has an in your face tropical or stone fruit aroma to it. I want to taste a giant bowl of assorted fruits. New Zealand hops are a must if you want to win me over! In the end, as long as the beer is well done and utilizes fruity hop varieties, you're gonna make me happy. Cheers!


Shawn Howard

Professional Brewer, has three nipples, is often covered in fruit

Hello friends. My name is Shawn Howard. Beer is good. I like a lot of different beers... good complex porters, roasty stouts, malty reds, all kinds of mixed-culture sours (I love them), but since we’re being completely biased and I have to narrow this crap down, I’ll stick to my main boo thangs, the hoppy stuff. Surprise, right? I love a good, balanced, lighter pale with great aromas because they’re just so easy to drink and pair well with a wide range of foods, but I also love bigger, bold IPA’s and DIPA’s that completely wreck your palate and blow your nose right off your fuckin’ face with insane aromas ranging from citrus to tropical fruits. If I had to give a good commercial example of my ideal IPA’s that I can drink a ton of and are commercially available in our region I’d definitely start with Lagunitas IPA. It’s just such a nice beer and has a great malty(er) backbone to stand up to the hops and balance the whole thing out. The aroma is tight too. I’d also have to mention Odell IPA as well because it is also awesome, along with New Belgium’s Voodoo Ranger IPA (the regular one, not the 8hop pale or the other seventy three voodoo ranger beers they make... those are good too, but not really what I’m talking about.) A lot of people will say “Really? Those beers? Branch out and try other things. Why all hoppy beers? You’re a plaid wearing lumberjack looking turd. I only make ancient ales, and I started brewing them before they were cool. Snarf.” and stick their nose in the air and wave it like they just don’t care. Whatevs dude. “But... but... What about all the badass hazy shit we can’t even get in Kansas?” and “what about this rare hipster stuff you have to stand in line seven hours to buy one bottle for $86?” To that I say “Whatevs.” If I can’t get it on any given day, I’m gonna say whatevs, especially for this competition. It’s biased AF. Whatevs. Not to say those aren’t great beers too, but, not what I’m talking about. Loves me some juicy hazy beers, not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the finesse that is the tightrope walked between the marriage of malt and hops. Not too much. Not too little. Juuuuust right. Something with a killer nose on it. Something with bright hop flavors. Citrusy? Absolutely. Fruity? Yup, I want that too. Piney, resin, PNW style IPA? Shit yes. The malt has to play well with the chosen hops, because sometimes a more toasted bread-like base beer doesn’t always taste the greatest with papaya and pineapple, nah’m say’n? What am I say’n? Oh... right... I like a ton of different styles, but, you tickle my taster just right and I’m all yours, and you’re well on your way to some sweet ass crayon drawhrings. Best of luck to you all. Get brewin’!


Clint Armstrong

Brews beer at 15-24 Brew House, likes flowers, wears a hat

What I look for in a hoppy beer:
Aromatic Joy! - Big bold aromas I want that clean dry hop son! Have the balls to go for it and smack me in the face with aromas!!!  I want the aroma to start me off on my Hoppy Journey! 
Balanced body and mouthfeel - No need to go crazy bitter but don't make this a malty beer either the pop should be there!  I want to be dried out and then for my mouth to salivate for more!
Hops that I enjoy?  Love the Citra, Bavaria Mandarina, Nelson, Simcoe, Mosaic, Pacific Jade.  Don't be afraid to try a new blend of any and all hops!!!  These are fun for a reason!!!!  They let your creation go wild!!!
My ideal Hoppy Beer - a True Blue IPA or a Hoppy Wheat/Golden Ale

The people that are doing all the real work, our stewards

Dane “The Dane Train” Jasperson

Kenna “Don’t Give Me A Nickname” Jasperson

Darren “Not The Salsa” Ortega

Jaimie “Stew” Thornton

Jessica “Lady Gravy” Thornton


Some cool companies are throwing stuff at us!
check ‘em out:

We look forward to trying all your beers!

Seriously. We only set up this competition so that people would pay us to drink beer.