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Well hello there!
Whatchoo need, fams?
We got it!  And if we don’t, we can order it!  And if we can’t order it, we’re prepared to convince you that you need something else.
Come in and check out our stock! 

Want to keep your head un-smashed up and your brain non-jigglified?  We got helmets!
Want to pump up your tires by hand, the old fashioned way, to work out those guns?  We got bike pumps!
Want to squirt yourself in the face with a water bottle?  We got water bottles!  And water bottle cages!

Do you enjoy performing tasks that seem easy at first, only to find out you don’t have the right tool or experience to really get the job done?  We got spare parts!  By the way, if your answer was no, then go check out our Bicycle Service page to see what we can do for you.


Did you take your ride off of some sweet jumps and totally jack stuff up?  Don’t worry.  Even though we’ll laugh at you, we can bring your machine back to optimum performance.  Did you just pull your two-wheeled fun machine out of the garage for the first time in months, callously scattering the family of spiders who had taken residence in your spokes?  Once again, don’t worry.  We can get your investment cleaned up, adjusted, and road ready for you - most often while you wait.  Do you just want an accessory, or something simple that you can install yourself?  Check our bicycle parts!    

Otherwise, check out deez prices below, son!





Bicycle Service Prices
(subject to estimate)

Rear Derailleur Adjustment                      $15.00
Front Derailleur Adjustment                     $10.00
Brake Pad Installation                              $15.00
Tube/Tire Installation                                 $7.00
Chain Installation                                       $10.00
Cassette/Freewheel Installation               $10.00
Basic Tune Up                                          $40.00
(Tune-up prices are just guesses.  We won't know what your bike needs until we can see it.)
Deluxe Tune Up                                       $60.00
(Tune-up prices are just guesses.  We won't know what your bike needs until we can see it.)
Minor Wheel True                                     $20.00
Major Wheel True                                     $40.00
Bottom Bracket Service                            $20.00
Derailleur Cable Housing Install: 5mm     $35.00
Derailleur Cable Housing Install: 4mm     $35.00
Brake Cable Housing Install: Mountain    $35.00
Brake Cable housing Install: Road           $35.00
Brake Installation                                      $25.00
Suspension Fork Service                         $75.00
Hub Adjustment                                         $13.00
Headset Adjustment                                  $13.00
Fork Installation                                         $40.00
Winter Bicycle Storage                              $80.00

Headset Installation                     $40.00
Rear Wheel Replacement            $30.00
Front Wheel Replacement           $20.00
Grip Install                                      $8.00
Handlebar Taping                        $20.00
Pedal Installation                            $5.00
Rear Shock Service                      $45.00
Stem Install                                   $20.00
Drive Train Cleaning                     $20.00
Spoke Replacement                     $40.00
Shifter Install                                  $15.00
Brake Lever Install                         $15.00
Derailleur Installation                    $30.00
Crank Installation                          $25.00
Left Crank Arm Installation             $10.00
Handlebar Installation                   $30.00
Seatpost Installation                       $10.00
General Shop Charge                      $5.00
Custom Wheel Build                      $75.00
Computer Installation                      $10.00


Bicycle sales

We now carry bicycles for sale as well!  

We have a fitness hybrid in stock that would be perfect for cruising around Manhattan, either on the roads, through campus, or on Linear Trail.  We carry it in small, medium, and large frame sizes.  Bring in a valid ID and take one for a test ride!

Are you looking for something more purpose oriented?  We can order mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, comfort hybrids, or whatever else you might need from the bicycle world.  We are more than willing to help you narrow in on the right bicycle for you, so come by and see us, and we'll get you on some wheels!

butt weight; there's more!

Once you get those wheels, you can enjoy quality service from your Brew Bros for free!  When we pull a bike out of a box, we perform all the adjustments necessary for a quality machine: brake pad placement, bearing adjustments, wheel truing, derailleur adjustments, etc.  Now, once you do some riding on your sweet fitness hybrid, you'll find your precious two wheeled baby needs some adjustments.  No problem, all bikes do.  When you buy a bike from us, we cover the adjustments due to normal riding for free.  You just got to get it to us.