about us

You’ll see at least one of us here every time you come into the store. Who are us? Well, us are Clint McAllister and Aaron Thornton (referred to as Gravy from here on out). Clint is an experienced bike enthusiast and mechanic, while Gravy is still in the beginning stages of bike-curiousness. However, both of us love brewing beer. If you don’t see us in the store, it’s likely we’ve snuck off to take gravity samples, or harvest yeast, or make a yeast starter. Or Clint is out riding a trail while Gravy is hiding in the bathroom bumping Katy Perry on his earbuds.


You still reading this? Don’t you have better things to do?


Okay. Well, let us tell you our mission statement then. Our goal, whether selling grain to a homebrewer or replacing worn components on a bicycle, or selling a brand new bicycle, is to provide above excellent, knowledgeable, and friendly customer service. We won’t offer everything to everybody, but we will do everything we can for anyone who comes into our shop and shares our passion for bikes and/or beers.

This means quality at every step of the way. For the homebrewers, we have fresh hops and grain, quality homebrewing equipment, and the most popular cleaning supplies. For the cyclists, we’ll keep a variety of the most common bicycle components on hand to handle any repair quickly and efficiently. Are you both brewer and biker? Well then. We want to get you back on your bike as soon as possible, with a backpack full of grain, so you can go home and brew the best beer possible.

We like to talk about beer and bikes. So come on in to Brew Bros Hops & Sprockets today and experience the power of our mouths.



Thursday - Saturday 10-7
Sunday 1-6
Monday 10-7
Tuesday Closed, in observance of Taco Tuesday
Wednesday Closed, for Wacky Wednesdays.